Global Corporate Challenge 2013


Attention all managers and employees!

(Particularly those  who would like a happier, healthier and more resilient workforce!!)

As the provider of your occupational health service, here at Healthwork we realise the importance of having a happy, healthy workforce.

One approach to this is for companies to advocate health promotion initiatives.

This alert is to introduce you to the Global Corporate Challenge(GCC). This is one such initiative with which Healthwork will be involved in 2013.

This is an international challenge and involves the employees of companies increasing their levels of activity, starting on 23 May for a period of 16 weeks.

Healthwork aren’t the organisers of the GCC, but as a company we wanted to get involved so for the first time we’ll be entering teams in 2013.

Some of our clients are also entering teams and we thought we’d tell you about it so you could have a think if you and your employees would like to get involved.  Healthwork would like to challenge your teams – so if you do intend participating, please let us know.

Please see for more details including the costs of entering one or more teams.
Teams consist of 7 people and companies can enter as many teams as they like.

To discuss any aspect of the GCC you may find the following contact useful: 
Louise Gent (

The Registration Deadline for this event 29 April 2013.

Enjoy getting more active!


The Global Corporate Challenge is an international initiative to encourage physical activity in the workplace.   

Health promotion activities are an important aspect of employee well being programmes, and Healthwork has been involved in a number of health promotion initiatives and programmes.  We have fully trained occupational health advisors who can provide health promotion activities on site.