Healthwork teams enter and complete the GCC


Healthwork entered two teams (each team consists of 7 members) into the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).  The GCC is the worlds largest corporate health promotion event and started on 24th May 2013.  The GCC is a global initiative designed to encourage employees to be more active with the aim of 'getting the world moving'.   More details can be found at

Employers enter as many teams as they like of 7 members per team.  Each team member is provided with a 'pulse' which measures the number of steps taken per day over a 16 week period.  This data is entered into a central website and personal and team activity statistaics are created.  Teams can compete against each other and individuals can set personal targets, and can view their activity statistics in detail. 

"As an occupational health company, we should be pioneering health and wellbeing initiatives.  We thought that being involved with the GCC and having teams in the challenge would help our own employees become more active and more aware of the importance of exercise and activity.  We have also encouraged our clients and customers to enter teams into the challenge" explains Managing Director Dr Tok Hussain.

The Healthwork entrants wholeheartedly took on board the aims of the GCC.  Vikki Copland (sales and marketing manager) was the captain of the 'Copland Cardinals' team - "Joining the GCC made me realise how active (or inactive!) I am.  The best part is being part of a team as everyone is comparing steps which really motivates you to reach your target".

Jack Lloyd (finance assistant) who was captain of the 'Lloyds Lazers' pointed out "Being a part of the GCC and wearing the pulse really does encourage activity.  On one day, it reached 3pm and I realised I was only on 1500 steps.  I soon got walking around the house.  The GCC challenge really makes you aware of your activity, or lack of!  I have benefitted from the GCC challenge, as I am motivated to do more sport, walking, and general activity."

Dr Mark Hadland who himself is a tri-athlete and co-ordinated the Healthwork involvement in the GCC explained "The GCC prompted lots of our staff members to start talking about exercise, sport and activity levels.  A friendly rivalry then developed between the two Healthwork teams.  I was particularly struck by the contrast in the number of steps on the GCC pulse at the end of a 'lazy day' compared with a day which is busy and 'sporty'.

At the end of the GCC challenge, it was the 'Copland Cardinals' who triumphed over the 'Lloyds Lazers'!!  The Cardinals clocked up a massive 7,352 kilometres over the course of the GCC leaving the Lazers behind on 6,957km.  Well done to everyone who took part in the event and congratulations to the Copland Cardinals for taking the spoils in the friendly rivalry between the two Healthwork teams.  

There has been a recent trend towards less physical activity in employees and this is obviously a risk factor for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other medical problems.  The GCC should help employees recognise this and should help them to acheive the recommended 10,000 steps a day.  At Healthwork, we hope that the GCC will lead to lasting behaviour change and improved employee wellbeing.