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Since the breakout of the pandemic in early 2020, Healthwork has been heavily involved in the response to COVID19 across a number of industries. The development and application of our specific Coronavirus products have played key roles in the reopening of organisation and the restart of working life for employees. 

Healthwork have been asked to provide expert occupational health services and consultancy advice to both existing and new customers with the view to ensuring the safety of both the workplace and the employee returning to them following the pandemic. 


“Healthwork worked with us during the Bio-Secure environment for International Cricket. They worked closely with us and they helped us to set up robust systems for vulnerability screening. They worked with people on the ground to ensure these were implemented effectively and they provided calm and reassurance to the environment. They were extremely flexible with regards to support and worked closely alongside us at all times to ensure our needs were being met. They also provided us with valuable on the ground feedback about how things could be improved and worked effectively with all our stakeholders. 

Healthworks’s expertise, professionalism and support, particularly at the beginning of the set up, has been invaluable to us as an organisation. We have nothing other than positive comments regarding Healthwork and would highly recommend them as a team. They go the extra mile and most importantly they are strong collaborators and communicators who will work with a team and help them to get the best possible outcomes.”

Lead Physician, England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

“With over 800 COVID19 tests being carried out, we are pleased to say that this operation went very smoothly. Healthwork were fully aware of the current Health & Safety requirements and adhered to current COVID PPE requirements.

Healthwork were friendly and professional with our employees, putting them at ease and keeping them fully up to date of the current status of each test and the result.”

Project Co-Ordinator, National Manufacturer

Should you wish to discuss the above further please do not hesitate to contact Tom Neville (Head of Commercial Operations) at