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In this section we discuss how to recognise the signs of common emotional problems, what might cause them and where to get help. If you think that you’re affected by any of these conditions speak to your GP. The first step towards your recovery is asking for help.
Your Occupational Health service is also there to support you. If you are referred to Occupational Health by your line manager, you will meet a doctor or nurse who has a vast amount of experience in advising the employer in what steps to take to support the employee with emotional problems. 

You don’t have to wait until you’re signed off work to benefit from Occupational Health intervention. In fact, the sooner you are referred the quicker appropriate support can be mobilised including, for example, a referral for counselling treatment through your employer’s retained counselling service (if available). The conditions listed in this section can all lead to problems with accuracy, punctuality and attendance at work. Occupational Health could assist you to cope better at work by making recommendations on adjustments in your working hours, work duties and working environment.