The Football Association Premier League Ltd

“ I am happy to share that we have been very impressed with the service that Healthwork have provided the Premier League since we first worked with them just under 12 months ago.
We have found the service to be highly professional, efficient and meeting all of our needs in terms of individual occupational health assessment and reports.

We have often had the need for OH appointments on an urgent basis, with a wide geographic spread around the UK, and the team at Healthwork have always been so accommodating and flexible. Both the face-to-face and the Skype appointments have proven to be effective tools for assessment and have offered real value for money in terms of the service offered.

The reports provided by the doctor are comprehensive and provide realistic and measured recommendations for both the employee and the business. The opportunity for follow-up appointments has been extensively used and we have found it to be a helpful tool to support the employee, but also provide us with regular feedback on OH support.

Our staff have also reported that they have found the doctors they have met to be first class and highly effective in how they manage the appointment and explore the sensitivities of individual cases. ”

-  Head of HR – The Football Association Premier League Ltd
21st October 2019

Large City Council

"During 2018, a Healthwork physician delivered a number of menopause awareness sessions to over 90 women at Manchester City Council, this was part of a pilot to gauge interest in rolling out menopause awareness training to women and managers. The feedback from participants was unanimous that the Healthwork physician quickly engaged them and brought clarity and structure to a topic that some women felt uncomfortable talking about. Sessions were a mixture of information giving and discussion and provided an opportunity for peer support and also one to one time with the Healthwork physician if required. Participants in their evaluation commented on the Healthwork physician's extensive knowledge and approachable demeanour which encouraged all participants to be able to take part in the sessions."

Large Global Company providing Technological Solutions

“Please thank the doctor for his prompt response and advice”.

Large Multinational Food Manufacturer

Just to let you know that your Counsellor held a course for us yesterday afternoon (Stress Awareness). Myself, HR and the Training Manager thought she was great - very impressed.

Police Authority

Healthwork have been excellent.  We had huge problems with our previous occupational health provider.  All I can say is that Healthwork have been very professional and knowledgeable.  Their experience and knowledge of police occupational health services has been invaluable in helping us now set up better systems for pre-placement assessments, medicals, FMA work and SMP referrals.  Healthwork have been key to us setting up an effective and professional 'Occupational Health and Well Being Centre'. 


The nurses and Dr Hussain have provided excellent occupational health advice and support for the university students.  This advice has been practical, robust and has helped us manage cases successfully.  I strongly recommend Healthwork as an excellent occupational health provider.

Fire and Rescue Service

"Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service have worked in partnership with Healthwork since 2006.   Healthwork has provided us with guidance and skilled occupational health resources to help us positively manage sickness absence levels from a position where the organisation's statistics compared unfavourably with sector standards to the current position where unnecessary time lost to sickness has significantly reduced. 

MFRS and Healthwork are together continuing to focus both or proactive measures to maintain staff wellbeing and rehabilitative programmes to facilitate early return to full duties.

We have throughout this time been very happy with the services provided. The Doctors give their professional opinion in a clear and precise manner, and they have become integral to the success that the Service have had in the reduction of our sickness absence."

Local Council

"Our company engaged the services of Occupational Health Physician (OHP) from Healthwork at a time when we were really stuck for an OHP service provider. The service we received was excellent and the feedback from management extremely positive. Healthwork provide and maintain high standards of professionalism which is an integral and necessary requirement to complement the service we provide for our organisation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Healthwork as a first class company."

Large Manufacturing Sector Company

"Healthwork provides us with an excellent service giving expert advice on all aspects of Occupational Health Issues. Working closely with occupational health and management they deliver professional guidance to ensure the overall welfare of the employees."

Large Engineering Company

"Healthwork offer an excellent service and we would recommend them highly."

Scottish Public Pensions Agency

"We would like to thank you personally and on behalf of the Scottish Public Pensions Agency for the excellent professional services rendered by yourself in this matter. It has been of great benefit to us to be able to contact you personally and ask for and receive such clear and well-presented advice. Your contributions have been invaluable. We offer our best wishes for the future and should other similar situations arise where professional medical services of this sort might be required we would be delighted to seek the use of Healthwork’s services once again."

GTD Healthcare

"We've been very pleased with Healthwork. The staff are all very helpful. Thanks so much"

Local NHS Trust

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you to you your team and especially the Dr for all the assistance you have given in the recent case you have dealt with at my request. Historically, at times, Occupational Health may have been perceived as not providing the responsiveness Operations would want, but over the past year or two, it is my personal opinion that my dealings with Healthwork have proven time and time again to be very helpful and responsive to our concerns. With the recent case, Healthwork has performed above and beyond my expectations and I wanted to formally express my gratitude for your help."

An employee referred to Healthwork for Occupational Health Advice

"Talk about efficiency. You have a gold medal in it!! Thank you very much. Also thank the rest of your colleagues who have dealt with my case, and also pass on my thanks to Dr Austin. "

Large City Council

"Is it possible for you to pass on my sincere gratitude to Dr Hadland for taking the time out to make clear the report on the above employee. I appreciate Dr Hadland's professional judgment."