Occupational Health News & Alerts - Archived News - 2012


HEALTHWORK moves into new premises – 16 St John St, Manchester, M3 4EA

Healthwork has moved into new medical premises on St Johns St , Manchester. The historic Georgian property at 16 St John St, Manchester, M3 4EA has been used in the past as traditional medical consulting rooms. The new larger premises are in keeping with the growth of Healthwork. Healthwork will use the premises for both occupational health and general medical consultations.

HEALTHWORK delighted to become first occupational health organisation to gain SEQOHS accreditation

Following the recent assessment, under the SEQOHS (Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Standards) scheme, Healthwork has become the very first occupational health organisation to be awarded accreditation.

The SEQOHS Accreditation Scheme is a stand-alone scheme managed by the Royal College of Physicians of London on behalf of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.  The aim of the SEQOHS Accreditation Scheme is to ensure, through regular monitoring, that required quality standards are maintained by accredited OH Services. Assessment for accreditation is measured against the SEQOHS Standards, which were developed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in collaboration with a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary stakeholder group.

The SEQOHS scheme was launched in December 2010, and more than 100 organisations have applied to be accredited.

National Walk to Work Week (9-13 May 2011)

Walk to Work Week (9-13 May 2011) is a free national challenge run by the charity Living Streets. The week aims to encourage employees to walk more as part of their commute to work and working day, and to help workplaces promote walking to their workforce.

Healthwork and Off Shore Medicals (including Norwegian sector)

Healthwork can now offer ‘Norwegian sector’ off shore medical examinations, as well as our already established service of general off shore medicals. Our friendly off shore specialist occupational health physicians are fully trained and ready to see you for your medical at your convenience.

Please contact Healthwork on 0161 831 9701 or email us at admin@healthworkltd.com


Healthwork Acquires 16 St Johns St

Healthwork has purchased prime medical premises on St Johns St , Manchester. The historic Georgian property at 16 St Johns St has been used in the past as traditional consulting rooms. Healthwork intends to use the property for both occupational health and general medical consultations.

Occupational health involvement rated for managing long-term absence

The findings of the CIPD’s eleventh annual survey of absence management trends, policy and practice has been published.
573 organisations across the UK, employing over 1.5 million people were surveyed.
53% of respondents rated occupational health involvement as one of the top three most effective approaches for managing long-term absence
77% of the organisations surveyed used occupational health to manage long-term absence.

No smoking day – Wednesday 10th March 2010

National No Smoking Day will be held on Wednesday 10th March. Studies have shown that targetting health promotion activities on this day are one of the most cost effective ways of promoting better health. Smoking remains the UK’s number one cause of premature avoidable death.


Occupational Health directly contributes to absence reduction

The recent CBI/Pfizer ” On the Path to Recovery” study has found that 36% of employers polled cited ‘greater investment in occupational health’ as the reason for a long term decline in absence levels. These employers believe their investment in occupational health has directly contributed to a succesful reduction in absence over the long term. This is a message that many of Healthwork’s customers agree with.

RIDDOR Changes in April 2012

Employers will no longer have to report over-three day injuries to the authorities from next year, following the HSE’s decision to recommend an extension to the reporting threshold to ministers. 
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